Graduation project in progress

In the late summer of 2015 I met Kees in Kamerik, a little village in the Green Heart of Holland. He intrigued me with his blue eyes, cowboy style and American classic car. I had never seen a cowboy in Holland before and wondered who this man was. Kees hasn’t had an ordinary life. He’s always felt like an outsider and after a long, tiresome struggle with the rules and restrictions of modern society, he decided not to conform to anyone’s mold anymore and to live what he believes. A simple life, with a cowboy spirit, in search of freedom and a closer connection to nature. Kees showed me that being a cowboy is not only about wearing a cool hat and leather boots, it’s about the lifestyle that it represents. We need cowboys to bring us back to the simplicity of what life really is about. And in the end, don’t we all want to find the cowboy in ourselves?