A collaborative project with the residents of the Rosa Spier Huis, a home for elderly artists in Laren. 

Being slightly crazy is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially not if you’re an artist, or if you’re old and grey. When you’re both, it’s even better.
With this idea in mind, I collaborated with 5 residents of the Rosa Spier Huis to make a work embracing the craziness, forgetfulness and confusion that come with old age. Instead of trying to disguise it and seeing it as a limitation, why don’t we use it as a new source of inspiration? In their own rooms in the retirement home, we used existing work from their archives, to make a new work, translating their thoughts and feelings into reality. 

A big thanks to Enna Martina, Marian Smits Kovacs, Maya Pejic, Albert Robbe and Peter Kouthoofd for collaborating and embracing your craziness with me.